We are delighted that you are interested in and want to consider what Appenzeller Schaukäserei (ASK) in Stein AR has to offer. Please read the following General Terms and Conditions (GT&C) through carefülly. They are a component of every contract.

1. Area of validity
1.1) These General Terms and Conditions regulate the contractual relationship between you and Appenzeller Schaukäserei AG (ASK) forthe services, products and packages we offer.
1.2) These GT&C make a distinction between packages and other services and products. A package exists, if several tourist services are offered by us at an overall price.
1.3) If ASK provides other services, which do not come under the term of the package in accordance with Point 1.2. of these GT&C, namely individual services by other service-providers, we are not the contractual partner, and the general terms and conditions of the partner will apply. In these cases we accept no liability for the services provided by third parties. If such services are discontinued, for whatever reason, this will not affect our relationship. We refer in particular to the liability conditions, which can be inspected at the premises of the third party.
1.4) The following General Terms and Conditions of ASK apply exclusively to all deliveries. Any different general terms and conditions of the ordering party are not valid, subject to separate written consent by ASK.

2. Conclusion of a contract / Ordering
2.1) These general terms and conditions form an integral part of every purchase.
2.2) The contract will come about with acceptance ofyour written or telephone booking by ASK and is definite as of this time, insofar as nothing to the contrary has been agreed. (Provisional inquiry)
2.3) The services will result from the specification of services in the brochures, on the Internet and the confirmation of reservation.
2.4) The number of people stated in the contract regarding guided tours, group offers and the restaurant is binding in any case and must not be amended without the express agreement of ASK.
2.5) The confirmed times forthe group offers are binding. Please notify us as quickly as possible about any expected delay. As our guided tours are organized every hour, we will have to shorten the guided tour if there is a delay. If possible, we will offer you an extension to the guided tour for CHF 50.00 perstarted half an hour. If we have not received any notification of a delay no later than 30 minutes after the official start of the guided tour, or if you do not turn up at all without any notification, the guided tour will be canceled and the cost will be billed to you in full.

3. Payment terms, prices and ancillary costs
3.1) The prices stated in the booking confirmation are binding and are understood tobe in Swiss francs and including VAT, unless something different is mentioned in the reservation confirmation. We reserve the right to make price adjustments for reasons over which we have no influence (e.g. currency fluctuations, newly introduced or increased duties, taxes etc.).
3.2) In individual cases the ancillary costs are merely guidelines and can therefore be subject to minor changes.
3.3) Bills under CHF 200.00 or payment by debit or credit card.
3.4) If you still request a written bill for amounts under CHF 200.00, we will charge you an administrative fee of CHF 10.00.
3.5) In justified cases ASK can demand a down-payment, füll payment in advance or the provision of the customer’s credit card details when a booking is made.
3.6) Writtenbills are tobe settled within 10 days afterthe date of the bill, unless otherwise stated.
3.7) If the payment is not made on time, ASK can retain all the services, cancel the contract without compensation and charge any cancellation costs in accordance with Section 5.
3.8) Bookings from abroad are possible only with a cash payment or payment by debit or credit card. Please note that the prices in euros are not binding.
All prices include VAT. Price changes remain reserved.
3.9) ASK can amend or adjust the price lists at any time. Tue agreed prices apply to services that have already been ordered. The price of the order is binding, subject to obvious errors (CHF 20.00 instead of CHF 200.00).

4. Shipments abroad
4.1) At present orders for goods in our specialty shop can be delivered only within Switzerland and the Principality ofLiechtenstein.

5. Cancellation / Contractual changes by the visitor
5.1) If a booking is canceled, the following cancellation costs will be charged, unless something different is mentioned on the confirmation:
Up to 72 hours (3 days) before the event, free cancellation
Up to 48 hours beforethe event, 50% of the reservation amount
Less than 48 hours before the event, 100% of the reservation amount
We accept only written cancellations!
5.2) Fluctuations in the size of the group must be notified no later than the evening before the event.
5.3) A no show will be treated like a cancellation. In this case ASK has the right to bill the amount owed. Charged to your credit card, which was provided as a guarantee when the booking was confirmed.

6. Program changes and cancellation of the booking by the event organizer
6.1) The booking may be changed as a result of unforeseeable circumstances. In this event ASK will make everyeffort to find an equivalent replacement or another suitable solution.
6.2) You will be compensated for any lower value between the services quoted for and what is actually provided.
6.3) In the event of force majeure (natural disasters, unrest, strikes, system breakdowns etc.), measures by the authorities, lasses at sea, technical defects etc., ASK can cancel the booking without providing any compensation. If the booking is canceled by ASK before the start of travel, the travel price that has already been paid will be refunded.

7. Sales to minors
7.1) The law forbids the sale of spirits, aperitifs and alcopops to those under the age of 18 as well as wirre, beer and cider to those under the age of 16. ldentification checks are absolutely necessary to satisfy the statutory requirements in particular in our shop and restaurant.

8. Parking spaces
8.1) These are available to visitors free of charge.
8.2) Buses are requested to use the special bus parking spaces, which are free of charge.
8.3) Picnics are forbidden in the car parks and bus parking spaces of ASK.

9. Dogs / animals
9.1 Dogs are welcome in the “Höckli” and “Kessi” restaurant premises. Please clarify the space availability with us in advance. However, animals are not permitted for reasons of hygiene in the Marktplatzrestaurant, the shop andin the display area.

10. Hours of business and opening
10.1) The cheese dairy generally produces cheese until 3pm every day. lt is possible that production is shortened or canceled for technical operational reasons. In particular when there are waiting times.
10.2) A surcharge of CHF 35.00 is charged for the entire tour price for guided tours before 8am or after 7pm without a booking for an additional service in the restaurant.
10.3) The restaurant retains the right to charge a restaurant minimum charge of CHF 1,500.00 for groups who come in the evening outside normal opening hours.
10.4) If the restaurant is open after 11pm at the request of the customer, a surcharge of CHF 100.00 will be added to the bill to cover night work per started hour.

11. Complaints / Damage / Guarantee / Right of return
11.1) Complaints regarding defects of any kind can be taken into consideration only if they are submitted in writing within five days of receipt of the goods. Some of our products are natural products and might be faulty. We will take back faulty goods without any objections on presentation of the purchase documentation.We will replace the goods free of charge, as long as the goods are available. A refünd of the maximum of the purchase price will take place only if it is not possible to replace thegoods.
11.2) If your goods are damaged or not all the goods are delivered, this must be reported immediately to the responsible mail room. Packaging material with the address and task number must be available in full.
11.3) If what is offered or the service do not correspond to the contractual agreement or if you suffer a loss, then you have the right and are obliged to complain about this deficiency or loss to ASK.
11.4) ASK will in principle not assume any liability (see Point 8). lt is in particular under no circumstances obliged to ensure that any replacement service is provided by service-providersinvolved in packages. This is a matter for the service-provider.
11.5) In the event of a failure to deal with the complaint by Appenzeller Schaukäserei AG on site or non-compliance with the deadline for a written notification, your claims will Japse by implication, insofar as they existed in the first place.

12. Data protection
12.1) Please refer to our Data Protection Declaration, which you can download online from our website www.schaukaeserei.ch .

13. Liability
13.1) All legal and material defect warranties are ruled out as part of what is permitted by law.
13.2) ASK is under no circumstances liable for services and promises made by third parties.
13.3) If services etc. from a third party Japse, for whatever reason, this does not have an adverse effect on the relationship to ASK. In particular no cancellation or amendment claims of the customer exist.
13.4) The guest mustbearthe füll costs of any damage, forwhich there is evidence that it was caused by the guest during the time sperrt on our premises. Any damage is tobe reported to the owner or representatives of the latter before departure.

14. Ombudsman
14.1) You are obliged to contact the ombudsman of the Swiss Travel lndustry, PO Box, 8801 Thalwil, before any disputes reach a court. The ombudsman will always seek a fair and balanced decision with regard to disputes between tour members and tour organizers. If no agreement can be reached, you can take ordinary legal action.

15. Amendments / Validity of GT&C
15.1) 9.1. Amendments to these GT&C or special individual agreements must be made in writing.
15.2) Should a regulation of these GT&C be invalid, this will not affect the validity of the remaining conditions.

16. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction
16.1) The contractual relationship between you and ASK is subject exclusively to Swiss law. The applicability ofinternational agreements and Switzerland’s Federal Code on International Private Law (IPRG) are ruled out, insofar as this is permitted by law. The exclusive place of jurisdiction for any disputes resulting from the latter is in the first instance the cantonal court of Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Trogen, Switzerland.