Successful business performance in 2023 and an exciting future project

The shareholders of Appenzeller Schaukäserei AG were informed about a successful 2023 financial year at the 9th Annual General Meeting of the public limited company, which emerged from the former Appenzeller Schaukäserei cooperative in 2016. Sales growth of 23% coupled with a 17.7% increase in visitors compared to the previous year brought the traditional tourism company a positive business result. After the tough years of the pandemic and the slow return of group visitors and international guests, Appenzeller Schaukäserei AG was able to welcome almost 220,000 visitors for the first time since 2019. Groups are also back in the region, with 770 guided tours of the show area booked again. Particularly noteworthy was strong sales growth in the speciality shop with its fresh produce counter. Sales of the full range of Appenzeller® cheese rose by a whopping 22.2% compared to the previous year, and sales of the wide variety of home-made fondue mixes also increased by 14.2%. Sales reached a new record of 4.7 tonnes. Particularly pleasing: thanks to the introduction of Appenzeller® cream cheese in autumn 2019, almost all house mixes, whether supplemented with herbs, chilli, truffle or Alpenbitter & coriander, now consist of 100% spicy Appenzeller® cheese. Both Swiss and international guests once again showed great interest in the Appenzeller® show dairy's offerings in 2023. Despite the economic and personnel challenges, the catering division also recorded positive developments. As a Culinarium partner, the show dairy continues to attach great importance to regional, fresh and high-quality products. This also applies to its own cheese: the cheese dairy team was awarded a Goldvreneli by the Appenzeller Käse variety organisation in 2023 for the outstanding quality of its Appenzeller® cheese.


A look into the future of the Appenzeller® show dairy
The Appenzeller® show dairy has maintained its production facilities over the past 30 years and is in the process of maximising their lifespan. However, the end of the plant's life is looming. For this reason, Appenzeller Schaukäserei AG is planning a core refurbishment of the cheese dairy facilities and a renewal of the catering facilities. In order to optimise the site in Stein AR for the future, Appenzeller Schaukäserei AG is currently working together with the municipal authorities, the Appenzell Folklore Museum, the Foundation for Appenzell Folklore and the canton to develop the ‘Stein Centre’ site. The aim is to lead the Appenzeller® cheese dairy comprehensively into a sustainable future.


Always something new to discover
For 2024, the Appenzeller® Show Dairy is focusing on 365 days (leap year) of hospitality and daily fresh, flavoursome Appenzeller® cheese experiences for guests from all over the world. The range of products on offer is constantly being improved and expanded, including a new speciality tasting, cooperation with new, spicy experience partners and a new fondue range. We won't reveal all the secrets here, it remains exciting.

The Appenzeller® show dairy says: See for yourself and ‘sönd willkomm!’

Further information:
Ralph Böse, Managing Director, telephone 071 368 50 70